If you are an author, then what can Rokdo do
for you, you may ask. Well, there are lots of things.

Rokdo is a great place to get some writing in, and
let other people read what you have going on. The
great thing is that it doesn't have to be your master
piece. You can just work out ideas here, get feedback
from people, and let it be your spring board for your
next great American, or other country, novel.

Also, you can create a fan base here. Wouldn't
you love to be able to tell people that you have
1,000 people who have downloaded your
book? Or maybe 10,000? This is the place to
do that. And then, when your 500 page tome
comes out, you have 10,000 people who like
your writing and your stories and are excited
to buy it.

So, wherever you are in the process, Rokdo is
a great tool to add to your arsenal. If you are
an author, you want to be on Rokdo!