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Title: The jade Buddha        
Author: rc heydn see this author's profile        
Price: $ 3.99        
Description: It is Hong Kong in the nineteen eighties. The British Crown Colony is on the verge of reverting to Chinese rule. The governments of Hong Kong and the United Kingdom are doing all they can to calm local nerves while at the same time pressing Beijing's rulers to the north for assurances that the rule of law will be maintained. Beneath the surface other forces are at work; criminal forces dating back centuries but still very much alive. There is a triad war, a war where the winner will amass great power. The agencies of law enforcement are involved not just in Hong Kong but across the globe. So too is Simon Garrett; unintentionally but intimately involved. Where not only his life is at stake but others who are dear to him. Their futures are being controlled by a shadowy gangster who will stop at nothing to get what he wants; a green jade Buddha of immense symbolic power. The Shi fu."    
Number of Pages: 378        
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Category > Thriller    
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