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Title: TheGoodreadWipe        
Author: rc heydn see this author's profile        
Price: $ 3.99        
Description: TheGoodReadWipe is a brief never before told history of LIT-TISSUE. Fred Nurk came up with the idea of printing books on toilet paper. Everyone else said that his plan was “fatuous”, “nonsensical”, “ludicrous”, “laughable”, “plain absurd”. That he himself was hair-brained. Yet it was a massive success – though with a few unexpected downsides to the venture along the way. Some say that there is no such thing as the serialisation of books on rolls of toilet paper. And that Fred Nurk does not exist except in the author’s imagination. Just the sort of thing that was said about more than one life-changing entrepreneur and his genius. TheGoodReadWipe tells a fantastic adventure. And Fred Nurk is emblematic of many dauntless seekers who embark on a quest of a lifetime.    
Number of Pages: 89        
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