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Title: Paranormal Erotica Bundle        
Author: Oliver Clozov see this author's profile        
Price: $ 4.99        
Description: In this bundle of chills, thrills and squeals, you'll find 9 deliciously erotic and spine-tingling stories of Lust, Love, and Horror. This Bundle Contains The Following Stories: A Night of Lust in Paris - An ancient vampire makes violence and lust real in old Paris. Lusted by the Leprechaun - A woman discovers something new when she becomes seduced by a mischievous Irish sprite. Seduced by the Wolf Lawyer - She needed a lawyer, she got the Wolf Lawyer, but he's not just a wolf part-time. The Darkness of Lust - A young nobleman tries to escape his family, followed by lustful creatures and violent episodes. Teased by Tentacles - She needed to relax on the beach and became relief for a Kraken. Tentacles in My Sleep - A tentacled creature becomes a new playmate with a recently-divorced woman. In Lust with the Robot Lord - Two luscious alien babes become deal-makers with the biggest alpha male robot lord in space. Abducted by the Pleasure Bot - After finding herself stranded with a pleasure bot, she discovers that some things may have also changed along the way, in terms of passion. Escorting the Devil - She needed the money, escorting is easy when you have the power, but when you meet handsome rogue billionaire, Roger Black, power quickly changes hands. With a myriad of mythological creatures, a plethora of hot erotic scenes, and a mix of laughs, tears and chills; this bundle is something that you can definitely not do without. Just beware what horrors await you...    
Number of Pages: 383        
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Category > Romance Erotica    
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