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Title: Smile at the Sadist Chapter 1        
Author: Andre Zemnovitsch see this author's profile        
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Description: "Smile at the Sadist," is a modernized take on Ancient Zen, mystic wisdom, as well as psychoanalytic and psychedelic research. I also show that it is not necessarily a bad thing to go "crazy." Who defines what constitutes as "crazy" anyways!? My work is influenced by the likes of Alan Watts, George Orwell, Alexander Shulgin, Hunter S. Thompson, Robert Anton Wilson, Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), and William S. Burroughs. The work consists of 27 chapters; each chapter being a different lesson. All of the chapters cycle back into one another. Each lesson accentuates the next and last one. There are myriads of lessons which I teach, e.g. manipulation of time (via sensory elucidation, finagling with cognition, and complete "abysmal" voiding), breathing techniques, utilization of pressure points and organs, lucid dreaming, and manifestation of free will.    
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