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Title: Author of Confusion        
Author: Amali Cabral see this author's profile        
Price: $ 0.99        
Description: He was on the best selling authors list for over 20 years. Had a great life with his wife Tisha. Arthur Corbin had a problem though, that not even he knew about until it was too late. He simply could not understand why one day his peaceful, uneventful life would be flipped upside down all of a sudden. It started when his friend, and long time police captain Stanley Peterson told him he was involved in a murder. After trying to convince him and Tisha things would be okay if they just followed procedure, Arthur decided to run. He had to get away until he could sort this mess out. Along the way an old secret came up too, as if things couldn't get worse, but it was his affair with another woman, ironically named Destiny. Would it be Arthur's fate to spend the rest of his life in prison or even worse would he end up in one of those old insane asylums, divorced and all alone?    
Number of Pages: 26        
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Category > Short Story    
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