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Miranda's Revenge
Lacy Tadwell
Title: Miranda's Revenge        
Author: Lacy Tadwell see this author's profile        
Price: $ 0.00        
Description: She finally got up the courage.    
Number of Pages: 2        
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Category > General Fiction    
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title: Off to a mild start, and then...
review: This looks like the draft beginning of a short story. We begin to see character development but the story ends abruptly, unfinished. The apprehension and consequences go no where. This is for the author: Returning to draft again, the dialog is really only conversation. If you listen in to nearby strangers you might conclude their conversations dull and stupid. Have you ever thought later, "I should have said...?" That which you should have said is the dialog that belongs in fiction. It moves the story along. This is criticism is not meant to demean your writing but to encourage you to improve.
name: Ben