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Title: Moonlight Mayhem: Pt. 1        
  Gwoemul: First Intro        
Author: Alex Kruse see this author's profile        
Price: $ 0.99        
Description: Vampires. Nocturnal creatures born of sin and who live off the blood of the innocent. While the mythos surrounding such demons remained foreign to Korean culture for decades beyond that of Western civilizations, it didn't mean such beings did not walk among the populace long before the country was split into two. In a world where vampires have lived in secret for centuries, enemy clans feud over hunting grounds, home turfs, and newly-born vampires who they wish to steal away into their own ranks. Bongju and his family, a small coven consisting of only seven members, do their best to live outside of the chaos of vampiric hostilities. All they wish is to exist in peace, but a monster's wish is a fantasy that is rarely ever granted. In "Moonlight Mayhem," an enemy clan attempts to poach Bongju's newest addition to their family, Jongwoon. Though greatly outnumbered, the seven refuse to back down from the challenge, willing to do whatever is necessary to keep their family safe. Part One of the Gwoemul Series.    
Number of Pages: 20        
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Category > Paranormal    
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