06: Are -isms real?

Or are they a forced reality?
What is your interaction with them?

Just the other day I happened upon a video that talked about Sokin-isms which are phrases or words that Aaron Sorkin just uses & reuses in most of his work. Like for example, “this’ll get worse before it gets better” is one of his.

He has so many repeated phrases, that that's why the phenomenon has been dubbed Sorkin-ism. Well, the phenomenon for him, it's not a blanket term. When I heard of it I got to wondering if this is something that happens in real life. Like is it actually a thing? Or is it just media hype?

I've seen hosts on TV and characters on shows repeat phrases or keep using “catchy” words, not to mention actors and actresses get catchphrases form fan fav movies all the time, but I don't know anyone in real life that does it. Well, anyone with -isms except perhaps expletives, but I'm not sure those would count as -isms. Still, I'm inclined to think that most people would think of -isms as a TV or movie thing. So let's analyze what the up side of having some defined -ims could be.

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