Chapter 1

Her heart was pounding in her chest.

She was running, as fast as she could. She couldn't see anyone to her side, which meant that they were behind her. She wasn't sure how long she was going to be able to keep them at bay. They were fast runners. All of them faster than her. She wasn't sure why or how she had the gull to try to beat them. But something in her was pushing her on and she just kept going and going.

Then, in an instant, it was over. She could hear the cheering of her parents, which were always there. She could hear her coach yelling good job. She could hear so many things, but what was most clear was the strong pounding of her heart in her chest, it felt like it was going to pop out. She knew to keep walking, lest she have a heart attack.

Janey was a good runner. Everyone agreed to that. She just wasn't a great one. She tried her best. No one ever expected her to win a meet. That was why it was so insane when she did.

Her head was whirring. Would Bobby be there? She wasn't sure. He said he was going to make it. He always said that he was going to make it. She squinted into the sun because that was where the people were seated and if he were there, that is where he would be. Slowly the faces came into focus and he wasn't there. She didn't recognize anyone in fact. The meet was away, and they were at a high school twenty minutes from her house.

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