It was supposed to be a quiet evening. Baekhyun was lounging back in his sire’s favorite velveteen chair in the den, idly turning his hand so he could admire the new set of rings that Kyungsu, his beautiful protege, had recently gifted him with. At the moment, Kyungsu was out with the coven’s newest member, Jongwoon, honing the young vampire’s skills more and more so that he could better blend in with the human world. Really that should’ve been Hongki’s responsibility, having sired Jongwoon, but Kiki (as they often called Hongki due his smiling face that humorously resembled the “kiki” emoticon – yes, vampires did follow recent trends and were not behind in the use of modern technology) preferred to play silly games with the youngster as opposed to actually teaching him anything useful. He was good when it came to comforting the fledgling whenever the boy was feeling depressed or overwhelmed, but as far as professional vampiric teaching went, the much older Kyungsu was better suited for it.

Baekhyun grinned. Under Kyungsu’s tutelage, Jongwoon was going to become a very dangerous vampire in the long run. The youngster had had an aptitude for manipulation even before he’d been turned. That coupled with Kyungsu’s silent, deadly influence would make for a frightening, powerful creature some day. He was certainly starting to show some grand potential for someone so very young.

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